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    Auto packing machine is combined by a 240 l packing machine (or different model), a measuring cup machine, and with an output conveyor. This model of packing machine can pack many bag types, such as, pillow bag, four side seal bag and three side seal bag. The maximum fill width is 240mm can make the maximum bag width is 110mm. The packing speed of the auto packing machine is 5-60bags/min. The detergent powder packing machine uses fully 304/316 stainless steel, and the imported PLC control provides a stable working system.
    This machine uses photoelectric eye control system,film pulling with step motor,stable performance,low noise.Fully automatic metering ,filling and bag making,date printing to product output,one-time completion.With simple dreve system,for stable operation and convenient maintenance.
    The use of machines can save labor costs and improve production efficiency, reduce the loss of products. Moreover, the auto packing machine can be use in other industry, such as, food, commodity, chemical, and metal, ect. Last, the auto packing machine has 2-year warranty.
    Optional Device:
    1. Date Printer
    2. Air Exhust Device
    3. Inflatable Device/Nitrogen Device
    4. Gusset Device
    5. Punching DeviceChina Granule Packing Machine

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